Large Enterprise

LaunchPath offers large organizations an effective and affordable way to scale intrapreneurship across the enterprise.

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Fostering a culture of innovation will not only help retain high-performing talent but it will also drive growth by creating opportunities for individuals to unlock the next game-changing innovations.
Barry Salzberg
CEO, Deloitte

Design and implement a best practices innovation program

Just getting started? No worries! LaunchPath makes it easy and affordable to develop your organization's ideal innovation program.
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Guide innovators and entrepreneurs through the innovation process

LaunchPath guides, trains, and supports aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs through the entire process of turning ideas into reality.
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Scale your innovation program

LaunchPath digitizes and automates innovator support and development to enable dramatic scaling of innovation programs. The result? Support 10X more innovators and entrepreneurs without adding staff.
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Strengthen your culture of innovation

Promote innovation, collaboration and a sense of unity by implementing LaunchPath's innovation platform. Employees will feel free to share their big ideas while having the chance to grow and collaborate with colleagues, fueling a culture that drives innovation success.
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Attract, retain, and engage top talent

Innovation programs differentiate your employer brand, fuel an attractive culture, and offer endless opportunities for professional growth. You'll be the employer-of-choice for the smart, capable, engaged people who are looking for their chance to make their difference.
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Integrate with other key systems

LaunchPath integrates into your organization's larger technology stack to provide friction-free user access, enhanced cybersecurity, simplified user administration, and a more engaging user experience. Opportunities for integration include:
Single Sign On
Team Messaging
Innovator Support

Protect your data from cyber attacks

LaunchPath offers government-grade cybersecurity for your data including options that are compliant with both the U.S. Federal Government's FedRAMP Moderate standards and the U.S. Department of Defense's IL4 standards. Key features include:
Application-level encryption at rest
Role-based IAM
24/7/365 eyes-on-glass monitoring
Incident response
Data residency
FedRAMP Moderate / IL4 Compliant

Get the advice and support you need to succeed

LaunchPath isn't just a tool. We're a partner. We internalize your goals and fight to bring them to fruition, no matter what it takes. Guided by that spirit, LaunchPath offers a robust array of advisory and support services to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. These include:
Help desk support
Innovator success management
Executive program management
Software integration support
Software customization