Scale your innovation program

LaunchPath digitizes and automates innovator support and development to enable dramatic scaling of innovation programs.

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My mission as a leader is to enable my team to achieve their full potential. LaunchPath helps me do this at scale.
Bob Fei
Bob Fei
CEO, Life Cycle Engineering

Harness the full might of your intrapreneurs

The secret to scaling innovation is not in capturing ideas but in cultivating innovators. Within your ranks are aspiring intrapreneurs who are currently being thwarted from pursuing their passion. LaunchPath harnesses, develops, and aligns this energy. Everyone wins.

Key Features

Automated innovator recruitment and onboarding
Step-by-step digital coaching through the innovation process
Anytime, anywhere access
Self-paced training
Live chat innovator support

Automatically guide and coach innovators through the innovation process

To scale innovation, you need a more efficient way to guide and coach your aspiring innovators through the process. LaunchPath meets this challenge with a beautifully intuitive UX that both clarifies and simplifies each step of the journey.

Key Features

Get oriented to the key stages of the innovator’s journey
Identify areas of strategic innovation opportunity
Capture, develop, and evaluate ideas
Convert ideas into innovation projects
Develop the business case for your project and plan next steps
Test and refine your innovation’s problem hypothesis
Test and refine your innovation’s solution hypothesis
Get a minimum viable product (MVP) working and demonstrate results
Scale your innovation

Accelerate the adoption of best practices

Buckminster Fuller famously observed that, "If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking." When it comes to teaching your team how to think about innovation, LaunchPath is that tool.

Key Features

Idea Canvassing
Idea Evaluation
Design Thinking
Lean Startup

Deliver innovation support in a more efficient, effective, and scalable way

LaunchPath makes it easy and efficient to support your innovators.

Key Features

Self-paced innovator training
End-to-end guidance through the innovation process
Tools that simplify essential tasks
Integration with popular live chat support tools

Delegate program management details to LaunchPath

LaunchPath offers a fully managed innovation program that allows you to focus on the big picture while we make sure everything runs according to plan.

Key Features

Innovation program design and implementation
Innovation budgeting and accounting
Innovation program monitoring and optimization
Innovator success management and support
Innovation review coordination and facilitation
Innovation coaching & advisory services