About LaunchPath

LaunchPath helps teams and companies across industries manage innovation from idea to impact. Our intuitive platform leverages modern innovation methods to coach innovators to explore the feasibility, desirability, and viability of their concepts. Then we automate the complexities of the innovation process to help innovation leaders achieve more.

It’s About the Innovator

At LaunchPath, our mission is to liberate the innovation potential of the global workforce to change the world. While many innovation platforms prioritize the idea as the be-all end-all, we’re different. WE FOCUS ON THE INNOVATOR. We build them up, provide them with tools, and set them loose on the biggest challenges in their organizations and our world. That’s the key to scaling innovation that gets results. That’s the LaunchPath difference.

Company Leadership

  • Edwin Goutier, CEO of LaunchPath

    Edwin Goutier


    Edwin Goutier is a social innovation leader and business strategy enthusiast. He led innovation for America's largest nonprofit where his work was honored in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list and shared on the stage at SXSW. As CEO of LaunchPath, he explores his passions at the intersections of innovation, technology, and equitable access to opportunity.

  • Mannie Schumpert, Co-Founder & CTO of LaunchPath

    Mannie Schumpert


    Mannie Schumpert has been designing and building for the web for more than 20 years. A voracious lifelong learner, Mannie has devoted much of his life to studying a variety of creative disciplines, technology, and cognitive and behavioral science.

  • Gray Somerville, Co-Founder & CIO of LaunchPath

    Gray Somerville


    Gray Somerville is a serial entrepreneur, innovation expert, and LaunchPath’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. Besides LaunchPath, Gray has helped launch and lead three other successful startups including Telogical Systems and Adacus.