AI-Enhanced Innovation

LaunchPath is all-in on AI.

We are leveraging the unprecedented creative power of Generative AI to accelerate innovation.

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Brainstorms allows manual and automated ideation of business ideas based on the jobs-to-be-done framework. If you have just an inkling of an idea, or even no idea at all, Brainstorms can ignite your creativity with compelling solutions, many of which you might not have identified without the help of AI.

The output of Brainstorms is structured for immediate integration into your LaunchPath innovation process, allowing for a streamlined journey from the initial spark of an idea to its full execution.

Starting a Brainstorm

You can start a Brainstorm in one of three ways:
Start with a customer
Start "from scratch" with a customer, and then generate Jobs, Problems, and Solutions. You can add each on your own, or select an item and click "Explode", which generates multiple branches for the item.
Start from source text
You can input any text you want: a sketch of some thoughts, some parameters you'd like the Brainstorm to follow, or the contents of a patent. The Brainstorm will then generate multiple complete ideas.
Start from a URL
This works just like the "source text" method, except the AI will retrieve the source content from the URL that you provide.


The "Explode" feature is the key to the magic of Brainstorms. After selecting any node in a Brainstorm, you can hit Explode, and the AI will generate multiple new branches for that node. So, for instance, if you find a Customer Problem interesting, but want more Solution options, you can have the AI generate multiple new Solutions for that Problem.

In Development

LaunchPath has a robust roadmap of AI-powered features that will be released in the coming months. These features will further accelerate innovation by providing AI-powered tools for:

  • Identifying and generating organizational opportunity targets
  • Collaborating with AI on business hypotheses
  • Evaluating hypotheses
  • Transforming innovation data from multiple sources