Inspire and empower intrapreneurship.

Welcome to LaunchPath

A web-based employee innovation platform for organizations that believe in their people and value innovation.


your team to think bigger – to realize that people just like them and companies just like yours have achieved breakthrough success through the power of innovation.


employee innovators step-by-step through a best-practices innovation process that will empower them to find, pitch, and implement their big idea in a manner that aligns with your organization’s priorities and resources.


your entire organization’s “Innovation IQ” via a comprehensive catalog of self-paced training videos, weekly live webinars, and reinforcing tools and resources that are embedded in the process.

Intrapreneurship pays off many times over in terms of company growth, culture, and talent.

Deloitte Digital, “Five Insights into Intrapreneurship”, 2015

Why Employers Love LaunchPath

  • Be More Innovative - LaunchPath provides a simple, practical, affordable way to systematically strengthen the innovativeness of your firm.
  • Engage Top Talent - LaunchPath inspires and empowers your team to adopt an ownership mentality, develop new skills, and make a difference.
  • Develop 21st Century Leaders - LaunchPath effortlessly identifies and develops innovative 21st century leaders within your organizations that you didn’t even know you had.
How LaunchPath works for employers

Why Employees Love LaunchPath

  • Autonomy - Enjoy a whole new level of personal autonomy as you are invited to develop and advance your own vision for how to realize your organization’s potential.
  • Mastery - Develop the entrepreneurial skills that are vital to 21st century success.
  • Purpose - Take pride in knowing that your work makes a difference as you solve problems that have never been solved before.
How LaunchPath works for employees

LaunchPath is helping established organizations harness the power of intrapreneurship to drive growth, improve culture, and engage talent.

My mission as a leader is to enable my team to achieve their full potential. LaunchPath helps me do this at scale. As soon as one of my employees signs up [to LaunchPath], I know they are more actively engaged with helping to shape our company’s future.

- Bob Fei, Life Cycle Engineering