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Why Intrapreneurship Programs?

Drive Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Bottom-up innovation programs generate annual returns of 25%–30% while creating a sustainable competitive edge.

Attract, Engage, and Develop Top Talent

Differentiate your employer brand, strengthen your culture of innovation, and create a new career path option for every employee.

Turn Competitive Threat into Competitive Advantage

70% of successful entrepreneurs incubate their startups while working for someone else. Don't let your employees become competitors! Harness their entrepreneurial ambitions to drive win-win growth.

Fostering a culture of innovation will not only help retain high-performing talent but it will also drive growth by creating opportunities for individuals to unlock the next game-changing innovations.

- Barry Salzberg, CEO, Deloitte

Learn More About the LaunchPath Program

Intrapreneurship programs drive real results.


of Google’s new products originate within the company’s intrapreneurship program


is the 10-year growth rate eBay achieved after embracing intrapreneurship


of job seekers list innovation as a key decision factor when choosing an employer

Three Things Everyone Should Know About Intrapreneurship


Intrapreneurs are employees who create extraordinary value for their organizations by identifying and exploiting opportunities for innovation.

Financial Impact

The typical intrapreneur creates 10X more value than their peers; the world’s most successful intrapreneurs have created returns measured in the billions.

Cultural Impact

Intrapreneur success stories have a huge impact on corporate culture and employer brand by creating a sense of boundless opportunity and innovation.

How LaunchPath Works

LaunchPath is a fully managed, technology-enabled, intrapreneurship-program-in-a-box.

Here’s how it works:

LaunchPath innovation management platform


Using a step-by-step process and a comprehensive menu of options, LaunchPath will help you design the ideal intrapreneurship program for your company.



Next, we recruit and on-board eligible employees into the program with personalized outreach campaigns.



The LaunchPath platform then guides intrapreneurs through a lean startup innovation process in a manner that aligns their efforts with organizational priorities and resources.



As they travel the path of innovation, your employees are supported and empowered by a comprehensive array of integrated training modules.



Employees engage. Ideas flow. Projects move forward. Skills develop. Intrapreneurs emerge. Business grows. Culture transforms. You succeed.


Meet the Platform that Makes It All Possible



The LaunchPath platform democratizes and scales innovation by opening the door of intrapreneurial opportunity to every employee. Some of the key features your employees will enjoy include:

  • Anytime, anywhere availability
  • Comprehensive, integrated training
  • Step-by-step, tool-enabled workflow
  • Accessible, jargon-free language
  • Live chat support during business hours
Smart & Efficient

Smart & Efficient

Organizational leaders need assurance that an intrapreneurship program isn’t going to distract focus from strategic priorities and waste resources on bad ideas. LaunchPath delivers via:

  • Clearly defined goals and evaluation criteria
  • Embedded lean startup methodology
  • Success-based resource allocation
  • Technology-enabled stage gate reviews
  • Workflow automation


Innovation is a team sport and the LaunchPath platform helps intrapreneurs connect and communicate with their ideal team via:

  • Intrapreneur directory
  • Activity feeds
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Public and private comments
Goes the Distance

Goes the Distance

The LaunchPath platform guides intrapreneurs end-to-end through all stages of the innovation process, including:

  • Ideation
  • Pitching
  • Market validation/problem definition
  • Prototyping/solution definition
  • Solution trials
  • Scaling the innovation
My mission as a leader is to enable my team to achieve their full potential. LaunchPath helps me do this at scale. As soon as one of my employees signs up [to LaunchPath], I know they are more actively engaged with helping to shape our company’s future.

- Bob Fei, Life Cycle Engineering

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