Guide innovators through the innovation process

LaunchPath digitally guides, trains, and supports aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs through the entire process of turning ideas into reality.

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I have seriously saved thousands of dollars by following the LaunchPath framework for a new product I'm developing.
Joel Sadler
Joel Sadler
Serial Intrapreneur

Create vision

The innovator’s journey begins with vision - a new sense of self that says, “I could do this!” LaunchPath provides a powerful way to transmit that vision throughout your organization or community. A way to say, “You can be a difference maker! Dig deep! Make it happen!”

Key Features

Innovator recruitment email campaigns
Innovator onboarding email campaigns
Quick Start Guide orientation videos

Spotlight areas of strategic opportunity

Help innovators and entrepreneurs invest their efforts more strategically by posting and promoting “Opportunities” that identify areas of significant need or emerging opportunity.

Key Features

Stay in control by defining who may post Opportunities
Categorize Opportunities using customizable taxonomies
See who’s engaging each Opportunity and foster collaboration
Drive engagement with Opportunity Challenges

Help innovators flesh out their ideas

Digitally guide and coach your innovators through the process of sketching out the critical elements of their ideas using an innovation canvas. When they’re ready to go to the next step, LaunchPath can help them dig deeper by estimating their market size, unit economics, and more.

Key Features

Custom-configurable idea canvas
Step-by-step guidance through the idea development process
Advanced business case development tools
Idea evaluation tools to test the fit with your program
Feedback requests
Idea evaluations and comments

Guide innovators through the process of testing, refining, and scaling their ideas

The innovator’s journey is like scaling a mountain. A good idea is base camp. Getting to the summit means turning that idea into a durable part of people’s everyday lives. LaunchPath “Projects” guide, train, and support your innovators as they make their journey from base camp to the summit.

Key Features

Staged innovation development
Step-by-step guidance within each stage
Iterative plan-do-check-adapt sequence within each stage
Integrated learning paths and training modules
Live chat innovator support

Coordinate innovation project reviews

When it’s time to review innovation projects and make decisions regarding next steps, LaunchPath “Reviews” automatically coordinate and facilitate the event to ensure an efficient and effective decision-making process.

Key Features

Automated review coordination
Tech-enabled project evaluation
Decision-support tools
Tech-enabled decision processing