See what you can do with the LaunchPath platform


Give innovators a UX that inspires confidence

Innovation is hard. LaunchPath makes it easier with a user experience that warmly welcomes your innovators into the adventure, orients them to what’s going on, and then gracefully guides them to where they want to go. The result: Greater ease. Greater confidence. Greater success.

Key Features

Attractive and engaging UI
Elegantly simple and intuitive UX
Step-by-step guidance through critical tasks
Integrated digital coaching and training
Simple and clear labeling and instructions

Identify and promote areas of innovation opportunity

Capable innovators often waste time solving problems that nobody really cares about. LaunchPath minimizes this inefficiency by rallying your innovators and entrepreneurs around the most strategic opportunities and the most pressing challenges.

Key Features

Create and publish Opportunities
Prioritize Opportunities
Categorize Opportunities
View Opportunity activity
Create and view associated Ideas

Help innovators develop and evaluate their ideas

Automatically guide and train innovators through the process of developing ideas on an idea canvas, evaluating ideas using your key criteria, and garnering feedback from trusted mentors. When they’re ready, LaunchPath helps your innovators take the next step by converting ideas to projects.

Key Features

Step-by-step guidance through the idea development process
Your choice of idea canvases to encourage more strategic ideation
Integrated training content
Threaded feedback conversations
Customizable evaluation criteria

Guide innovators through the innovation process

The innovator’s journey is like climbing a mountain. When you find a good idea, you’ve made it base camp. To get to the summit means turning that idea into reality. LaunchPath guides, trains, and supports your innovators through the entire process of turning ideas into reality.

Key Features

Customizable, end-to-end innovation process
Iterative, Plan-Do-Check-Adapt workflow
Custom-configurable business case modules
Embedded tools that speed and simplify each step
Integrated training
Customizable business rules for managing workflow
One-click access to live chat innovator support

Coordinate and conduct innovation reviews

When it’s time to make decisions, the LaunchPath platform automates most of the work involved in coordinating and facilitating innovation reviews. The result: a more efficient, effective, and consistent process that gives both evaluators and innovators confidence in the program.

Key Features

Review scheduling
Agenda development
Presenter registration
Facilitation support tools
Decision support tools
Decision execution
Review coordination notifications

Create and engage a community of innovators

The driving force of innovation comes from innovators, not ideas. Therefore, the secret to becoming a more innovative organization is to attract, engage, and develop a thriving community of capable innovators. LaunchPath empowers you to develop your innovation community systematically.

Key Features

Innovator recruitment campaigns
Quick start on-boarding videos
In-depth innovator profiles and stats
Comprehensive self-paced learning path
Peer review requests
Threaded feedback discussions
Activity feeds

Develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills

To become a more innovative organization you not only need more innovators, you need more capable innovators. LaunchPath offers a scalable way to develop your team's entrepreneurial skills by integrating learning resources into the innovator's journey.

Key Features

Project-based learning
Integrated learning resources
Self-paced innovation training
Mentor empowerment
Web-based innovator coaching

Report and analyze the success of your programs

LaunchPath offers extensive and flexible reporting capabilities that make it easy to monitor and analyze the success of your innovation program. For example, you can easily report innovator activity, ideas published, projects advanced, and more. All data may be exported in csv format for analysis.

Key Features

Innovators Report
Opportunities Report
Ideas Report
Projects Report
Activity reporting for all of the above

Custom-configure your ideal innovation program

Everything in LaunchPath is organized around “Programs,” which define the goals, criteria, process, and participants of a particular innovation initiative. Each program is highly configurable to reflect your organization’s best practices.

Key Features

Customizable innovation process
Custom-configurable business case modules
Customizable evaluation criteria and weights
Custom-configurable idea canvases
Custom categorization for all core data objects

Integrate with other key systems

LaunchPath integrates into your organization’s larger technology stack to provide friction-free user access, enhanced cybersecurity, simplified user administration, and a more engaging user experience.
Single sign on
  • Azure ADAzure AD
  • Google G SuiteGoogle G Suite
  • Active Directory/LDAPActive Directory/LDAP
Team messaging
  • SlackSlack
  • MS TeamsMS Teams
  • ZoomZoom
Innovator Support
  • Help ScoutHelp Scout
  • IntercomIntercom
  • ZendeskZendesk

Protect your data from cyber attacks

LaunchPath offers government-grade cybersecurity for your data including options that are compliant with both the U.S. Federal Government’s FedRAMP Moderate standards and the U.S. Department of Defense’s IL4 standards.

Key Features

Application-level encryption at rest
Role-based IAM
24/7/365 eyes-on-glass monitoring
Incident response
Data residency
FedRAMP Moderate / IL4 compliant

Get the advice and support you need to succeed

LaunchPath isn’t just a tool. We’re a partner. We internalize your goals and fight to bring them to fruition, no matter what it takes. Guided by that spirit, LaunchPath offers a robust array of advisory and support services to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Key Features

Help desk support
Innovator success management
Executive program management
Software integration support
Software customization