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The platform that helps you unlock new revenue streams and impact models to achieve your mission. Engage your workforce, donors, and volunteers to reimagine how your organization changes the world.

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Nonprofit Innovation Made Easy

LaunchPath delivers the world's first social innovation platform designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations.

We give your stakeholders the tools they need to efficiently and effectively pursue their ideas. With proven frameworks and in-depth knowledge of the challenges involved with nonprofit innovation, LaunchPath is the solution that unlocks your organization's innovation potential.

Work with our expert team to create your innovation strategy and process
Create innovation “Opportunities” across impact, revenue, and operations that define where your innovators will focus their efforts
Leverage LaunchPath reports to communicate innovation progress with board members
Leverage powerful AI tools to brainstorm ideas and analyze root causes
Inspire confidence in employees with a gamified experience that guides them through every step of the innovation process
Flesh out ideas with proven frameworks to ensure more concepts go from idea to impact
Develop a consistent innovation criteria
Engage the right stakeholders to review and approve ideas
Empower employees with feedback they need to move quickly
Give employees step-by-step guidance on Lean Startup techniques
Train employees on conducting landscape analyses, community interviews, and other research practices
Develop prototypes and MVPs for testing ideas with real stakeholders

No more investing in bad ideas.

No more feeling stuck with the status quo.

Just an innovation program that gets results.

Nonprofit Volunteers
Designed and priced for nonprofits

LaunchPath Nonprofit Edition has been designed with care by nonprofit veterans, board members, serial entrepreneurs, and technologists. We know what it’s like to innovate in nonprofits, big and small. So feel good knowing everything about your LaunchPath experience, including the price, is made just for you.

Nonprofit discount
501c3s save 20% on annual subscription, additional user licenses, and a la carte services
Equitable pricing
We cap the annual subscription fee at .1% of your organization’s revenue* (*-minimum of $2,000/yr)
Funder partner program
Build grantee capacity by providing LaunchPath and customized programming at a deeply discounted rate.
Use LaunchPath, Get Funded
Turn your innovation program into a magnet for funding. Beyond employee-led innovation, explore ways your organization can you use LaunchPath that donors and sponsors will love.
Use LaunchPath, Get Funded
Use LaunchPath for
Collective impact collaboration tool
Supercharge the backbone role with community-led innovation. Convene your nonprofit partners to collaborate on shared solutions.
Incubator, accelerator, or fellowship program
Lead a cohort of employees, community members, or social entrepreneurs through a structured curriculum to bring their social innovations to life.
Strategic planning tool
Leverage LaunchPath to take your strategy from a static document to tested, validated initiatives that transform what's possible for your organization.
Skilled volunteering program
Engage corporate partners and their employees in the innovation process. Leverage their time, talent, and treasure to create exciting social innovations.
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You’re on a mission to change the world. At LaunchPath, we’re on a mission to liberate the innovation potential of nonprofits.

Let’s achieve our missions together.