Design and implement a best practices innovation program

Just getting started? No worries! LaunchPath makes it easy and affordable to develop your organization’s ideal innovation program.

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I have applied the straight- forward step-by-step approach that LaunchPath has brought to my organization, and we are seeing results.
Alan Tanouye
Alan Tanouye
General Manager, FloraLife

Start with a proven template

When you set up an innovation program in LaunchPath, you start with a proven template that's been refined by the collective experience of thousands of innovators. You can tailor the program from there, but on day one you are inheriting the insights of all of those who have preceded you in the quest to innovate more programmatically.

Key Features

Idea canvas
Innovation process stages
Stage completion requirements
Stage review requirements
Innovation evaluation criteria

Custom-configure the platform to your needs

LaunchPath easily adapts to the unique goals, frameworks, processes, and vocabulary of almost any innovation program. Whether you're trying to amplify a long-established best practice or adapt to the latest trend, LaunchPath meets you where you are ... and takes you where you want to go.

Key Features

Configurable idea canvases
Configurable innovation project hypotheses
Customizable innovation processes
Customizable innovation evaluation criteria
Custom taxonomies

Get advice when you need it

LaunchPath offers advisory services to help you design, implement, and optimize the perfect innovation program for your organization. With years of real-world experience making innovation happen across a diverse array of industries and organizations, your LaunchPath advisor can help you avoid common mistakes and make the most of your opportunity.

Key Features

Design the ideal innovation program for your organization
Define innovation goals, objectives, and success metrics
Define your organization’s ideal innovation process
Determine how innovation projects will be reviewed and approved
Budget for innovation
Make time for innovation
Plan the launch of a new innovation program
Troubleshoot common problems and optimize performance

Effortlessly onboard new innovators

LaunchPath makes it easy to recruit and onboard innovators and entrepreneurs into a new innovation program. Simply load your eligible innovators into the program and LaunchPath will take it from there - no laborious orientation sessions or workshops required!

Key Features

Recruitment campaigns
The LaunchPath Quick Start Guide
Onboarding campaigns
Self-paced, web-based training

Minimize your cost while you’re figuring it out

If you're the leader of a new innovation initiative you need to dream big, start small, and move fast. LaunchPath honors your requirements by enabling organizations of any size to come aboard for less than $3K per year.