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My engagement within the company has increased exponentially since being involved with LaunchPath.
Adam Duncan
Adam Duncan
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Create a new dimension of career growth opportunity

Most employees feel completely blocked in their quest for career growth. They can’t move up. They can’t move sideways. They’re stuck. By implementing a LaunchPath- powered intrapreneurship program, you create an entirely new dimension of career opportunity for every employee - a way for them to forge an exciting new future for themselves ... and for you.

Key Features

Create vision for intrapreneurship via messaging campaigns
Provide self-paced training on how to become an intrapreneur
Automatically guide, coach, and support aspiring intrapreneurs

Fuel professional development

Though LaunchPath was not designed to be a training program, users routinely report a sense of having earned a “Mini MBA” while working on their innovation projects within LaunchPath. That’s because our platform not only manages the workflow of innovation – it also develops the innovator via integrated digital coaching and training. For those who are trying to develop future leaders or increase business acumen, LaunchPath has proven to be a powerful project-based learning tool.

Key Features

A powerful project-based learning tool for future leaders
Key topics include innovation, strategy, marketing, finance, and more
Integrated digital coaching
Comprehensive learning path featuring 30+ lessons
Fosters greater understanding of Leadership priorities and decisions

Connect employees to your mission... and to one another

Your team wants to feel connected... not only to each other, but also to your organization. Drive collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of mission by giving your community of aspiring innovators a platform where they can work together to realize your organization’s potential.

Key Features

Recognize your employees’ inate potential to be a difference-maker
Invite them to lean into your organization’s most strategic opportunities
Empower every innovator to see who is working on what
Enable threaded conversations around ideas and projects
Provide a platform for employee-led innovators’ forums

Strengthen your culture of innovation

Promote innovation, growth, and collaboration by implementing a LaunchPath-powered intrapreneurship program. Employees will feel free to share their big ideas while having the chance to grow and collaborate with colleagues across the enterprise, creating an environment that drives innovation success.

Key Features

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to innovation
Support the innovators within your ranks
Make innovation training accessible to all
Recognize your innovators’ achievements
Measure and monitor innovation culture

Differentiate your employer brand

Attract the 72% of job seekers who list "innovative culture" as a key criteria for selecting a new employer by implementing a LaunchPath-powered intrapreneurship program. In today's world, the workforce isn't looking to just clock-in and clock-out. They want to make their mark on the world. LaunchPath gives them the platform and skills to do it.

Key Features

Add a truly differentiating benefit to your recruitment message
Prove your innovativeness with a world-class innovation program
Capture and promote innovation success stories