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LaunchPath is a SaaS intrapreneurship platform that digitally guides, coaches, and supports aspiring innovators through the whole process of turning ideas into reality.

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All of a sudden our intrapreneurs are popping up!
Greg Brncick
Greg Brncick

What to expect in your demo

LaunchPath works with medium-to-large organizations that are striving to democratize innovation. Unlike idea management systems that mereley harvest ideas, LaunchPath empowers your employees to execute on ideas in an exceptionally efficient and scalable manner. During your demo, an innovation expert will show you how we make that happen and address any other questions you may have, such as the topics listed below.

Innovation Culture

A strong culture of innovation requires broad participation in the innovation process, but it’s hard to let everyone “get in the game” without creating distraction and waste. LaunchPath has a practical solution for navigating this minefield.

Managing Innovation

What does it take to manage an employee-innovation program? Who has to buy-in? What does it cost? What types of policies, procedures, tools, and talent are required? We have years of experience managing innovation programs and can share best practices.

Innovation Capacity

Innovation Capacity x Innovation Culture = Innovation Results. But how do you quantify innovation capacity and what does it take to improve it? We’ve got insights to share and look forward to showing how LaunchPath can measurably increase your capacity to innovate.

Intrapreneurship Program Implementation

What are the best practices for designing, implementing, and scaling an intrapreneurship program? How long does it take? What does it cost? How many employees will participate? We can help you answer these questions and more.

The Employee Innovation Process

Drawing on years of experience helping employees from diverse backgrounds execute on their big ideas, LaunchPath has identified several foundational principles about the employee innovation process that we can share during your demo.

Free trial

LaunchPath offers all demo participants the opportunity to continue evaluating the platform with a 3-month free trial for up to 100 participants.

What innovation leaders say when they meet LaunchPath

It wasn't an introductory sales demo like others; it was a powerful conversation around innovation... for me, that was what this first call with LaunchPath was about.
Anne Nguyen
Anne Nguyen
Director of Innovation & Strategy, Logibec
The LaunchPath team has stood where you’re standing now and speak with the voice of pragmatic experience. I have come to trust them as invaluable guides and advisors.
Neil Goodrich
Neil Goodrich
Chief Innovation Officer, M.Holland Company
LaunchPath exceeded my expectations and offered valuable insights and friends support. Similar companies didn’t offer nearly as much. LaunchPath is the best comprehensive intrapreneurship platform hands down.
Meg Trite
Meg Trite
North America Regional Director, Circle of Intrapreneurs