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Innovation Habit #1: Put It On the Calendar

The striking difference between the successful innovator and the wannabe is that the innovator does something whereas the wannabe most often does nothing.

We all yearn to be the person of action - the person who has "a sense of urgency and a bias for action." We want to "just do it," and yet . . . we never do. How can we change?

Here's a very simple and practical suggestion: When you feel the impulse to innovate, simply put it on your calendar.

Successful innovation will take time, know-how, and (probably) a fair amount of money. But the first step is to make time for it. If you can carve out a single hour a week to devote to innovation, you will be on your way, even if you spend the first hour . . . or even the first 100 hours . . . just trying to answer the question "How do I get started."

So do it now. Open your calendar and commit to a recurring time when you will work on innovation. If you show up, if you put in the time, the innovation will come.

Gray Somerville

Gray Somerville

Gray Somerville is a serial entrepreneur, innovation expert, and LaunchPath’s CEO. Besides LaunchPath, Gray has helped launch and lead three other successful startups including Telogical Systems and Adacus.