Inspire and empower intrapreneurship.

Organizations that proactively cultivate intrapreneurship enjoy long-term sustainable gains in
top-line growth

How LaunchPath Works

Invite employees to get in the game and take the next step via email notifications and in-app messaging.

Align your team’s ideas and efforts with the strategic interests of the organization using an innovation scorecard, peer reviews, and technology-enabled management reviews.

Guide employees step-by-step through the lean innovation process using the “Progress Board” and live chat support from a dedicated “Success Manager.”

Develop your team’s intrapreneurial knowledge, skills, and ability via self-paced training videos and interactive webinars.

Resource intrapreneurs with success-based innovation time and funds via management-allocated “Stage Passes.”

Measure & Report employee participation, productivity, and innovation ROI in a format that empowers proactive management of your intrapreneurship program.

LaunchPath is helping established organizations harness the power of intrapreneurship to drive growth, improve culture, and engage talent.

My mission as a leader is to enable my team to achieve their full potential. LaunchPath helps me do this at scale. As soon as one of my employees signs up [to LaunchPath], I know they are more actively engaged with helping to shape our company’s future.

- Bob Fei, Life Cycle Engineering