LaunchPath is helping established organizations harness the power of intrapreneurship to drive growth, improve culture, and engage talent.

My mission as a leader is to enable my team to achieve their full potential. LaunchPath helps me do this at scale. As soon as one of my employees signs up [to LaunchPath], I know they are more actively engaged with helping to shape our company’s future.

- Bob Fei, Life Cycle Engineering

LaunchPath has helped us create a genuine culture of innovation. We now have the tools to mine promising new possibilities and test conventional thinking.

- Kevin Mills, South Carolina Aquarium

I have applied the straightforward step-by-step approach that LaunchPath has brought to my organization, and we are seeing results.

- Alan Tanouye, Floralife

LaunchPath has helped us take action on an exciting opportunity that promises to significantly increase our bottom line performance.

- David Hunton, Le Creuset

The LaunchPath platform could be a game-changer on the innovation front. The design demonstrates a refreshing insight into the real challenges that mid-market business owners face, and provides a solution that is dramatically more satisfying than any other option I have seen. I would urge any business leader who cares about innovation to check it out.

- Grier Allen, BoomTown