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Chief Product Officer

LaunchPath is a startup technology company that is on a mission to inspire and empower entrepreneurship. Today, we are achieving this mission by developing a corporate entrepreneurship (aka "intrapreneurship") platform that helps employee innovators within medium-to-large organizations execute on their big ideas.

The Chief Product Officer reports to the CEO and supports LaunchPath’s mission by strategically guiding the development of our product to its full potential. Following are the responsibilities, requirements, objectives, and benefits that define this job. 


  • Cultural Leadership – Help LaunchPath become a “company of arête” by continuously critiquing, refining, and championing the core values that define true excellence.

  • Lean Startup Leadership – Find a way to fulfill LaunchPath’s mission, even if that means pivoting away from prior strategies and plans.

  • Innovation Research – Lead LaunchPath’s efforts to understand the deep fundamentals of innovation theory and practice.  

  • Customer and User Research – Lead LaunchPath’s efforts to understand the needs, wants, and experiences of its customers and users.

  • Market Research – Lead LaunchPath’s efforts to understand the customer segments, competitors, and trends that define its market opportunity.

  • Product Strategy – Develop and maintain LaunchPath’s product strategy including target markets, competitive positioning, packaging, and pricing.

  • Product Roadmap – Develop and maintain LaunchPath’s Product Roadmap in collaboration with the Chief Technology Officer.

  • Product Development – Directly contribute to the development of LaunchPath’s product by proposing and reviewing  high-level conceptual product designs, creating product documentation, and coordinating or conducting user testing.

  • Innovation Training Content Development – Lead LaunchPath’s efforts to make innovation theory and practice both interesting and accessible to a general professional audience by synthesizing the findings of our innovation research into a series of web-based training curricula and (eventually) books.

  • Innovation Program Design Consulting – Advise new LaunchPath clients on the design of their innovation program(s).

  • Product Marketing – Support LaunchPath’s marketing efforts by producing product marketing content of various kinds such as product launch announcements, demo videos, white papers, etc.

  • Thought Leadership – Leverage all relevant communication channels and platforms to provide both internal and external thought leadership on the topics of innovation theory and practice and the innovation management solutions industry.


  • A track record of continuous growth and development

  • 5+ years of senior leadership experience

  • In depth knowledge of business and product strategy

  • Extraordinary degree of personal effectiveness

  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams and get results under conditions of uncertainty and resource scarcity (i.e. entrepreneurship)

  • Natural talent for systems design

  • Superior research and analysis skills

  • Superior writing, training, and public speaking skills

  • Executive presence

  • Solid knowledge of and experience with the core principles of web-based software design and development, including:

    • Architecture

    • UI/UX design

    • Lean/Agile development

    • DevOps

  • Solid knowledge of and experience with core marketing disciplines, including:

    • Strategic marketing

    • Product marketing

    • Content marketing

  • Proven experience leading senior-level consulting engagements with medium-to-large organizations

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary

  • Stock options

  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits

  • Work from home or co-working space of your choice

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Very limited travel

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